Friday, 20 May 2016

         Mothers day
It wasn’t a normal Sunday evening my nana said we had to go to the St Pius hall to celebrate Mothers Day. So I got dressed up for the Mothers day feast it was very cold so I got my jumper.

I saw Falakiko and Macky there.There was lots of food and a lot of drinks. I felt hungry when I saw the cake and ice cream. I even felt my stomach rumble.

Then we had to sing to all the Mothers and give them a necklace of Lollies. We did our prayer. When the prayer was finished it was time to eat. When I ate the chips they were  very crunchy and tasty. When I ate the chicken it was very oily there was a lot of grease on my hands.

All the mothers were sitting at an enormous table, there was heaps of food and drinks on their table. When we were full me and my cousin went back home.

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