Friday, 11 March 2016

 Zombies apocalypse!!!!

On a scary dark night, my family and my friend were inside eating, all of sudden we heard A man saying help help!! I’m going to die.I ran to the window with my brother (sefesi) we saw him and zombies we both screamed . Then my Dad came to the window and said “What’s wrong” , we said “There's zombies”.My Dad didn’t believe us so he looked outside then he saw the zombies . My dad said “Go and lock down the house”.My Mum and Dad were rich and helpful.My parents were superheros there had laser eyes and there can fly, my Dad is very strong he stoped the nucler bombs from destroying the world.My Mum is so fast that she was at Australia then ran to New Zealand under 5 seconds. There went outside to save that man but he was already dead. Then more and more zombies came to our house. probably more than 100,000.My Dad and my mum was going to die because there were too much zombies so me and my brother ran to my Mum and Dad’s room to get guns then we told our friend to stay inside before he dies.So we went outside to shoot the zombies my parent’s dead body was vanishing.We start shooting then the zombies came closer then our ammo ran out Then my brother said “Go and get mum’s car keys we got it then we ran to the car.Then my friend ran out of the house I said “ jump in jump in !!He was running then one of the zombies grabbed his hand and bit his neck.It was so sad then my brother on the car then revesed the car we crushed all the zombies.My brother was driveing to the police department. The police told us to go to the airport.Then when the police came back they said we're going to america.Me and my brother always wanted to go to america.When we hoped in the plane it looked cool.When we went of the pilot came to us,the pilot looked like a zombie then we said “Who’s driveing the plane”. The zombie said no one then he jumped out of the plane with a parachute.Then I said to my brother “ I guess this is the end of our life”.He said “Don’t worry I know how to fly plane”.
                                       THE END

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